The Pink Room

The Pink Room

Hi my name is Evelyn Araujo, owner of The Pink Room in Reno, NV. I’ve created this space as a self care haven offering Lash Extensions, Permanent Make-up and Tattoos. My intention is to help achieve your ink and beauty goals that will encourage you to gain your confidence, feel empowered and self loved through high quality services and lasting results!


Lash Extensions

Must have 50% or more lashes still intact to be considered a lash fill. Keep in mind, your lashes are an investment, aftercare must be strictly followed for best retention and to get the best out of your beautiful lashes!                            

$200 Hybrid Full Set  

$  80 - 2 Week / 1 hr fill 

$  90 - 3 Week / 1.5 hr fill 

$220 Volume Full Set                   

$  90 - 2 Week / 1 hr fill 

$  100 - 3 Week / 1.5 hr fill                                    

$215 Wispy Full Set  

$   95  - 2 Week / 1 hr fill  

$   105 - 3 Week / 1.5 hr fill  

$240 Mega Volume Full Set        

$   100  - 2 Week / 1 hr fill 

$   110 - 3 Week Fill / 1.5 hr fill


$40 - 30 min fill (for small touch ups)

$60 - 45 min fill (Must have 70% lashes and must be booked within 7 days of your last fill) 

$10 Color add on

$ 5 decal add on


$120  Foreign Fill (Able to book if you are coming from another lash artist. This is a one time price for new foreign fill clients. If you stick with me, the following fills will drop down to normal cost. Must have 50% or more lashes to book, Isolation  and placement must be done properly or subject to removal and full set.)


$90 Lash Lift and Tint (Can last from 6-8 weeks depending on aftercare and hair growth cycle)




Ombre Powder Brows


The Ombre Powder Brow technique uses a machine to create a powder like, shaded brow look that starts lighter at the front of the brow and going darker towards the tail.

$425 New Ombre Powder Brows

$490 Brow Correction (applies to any previous work done & you must send me a photo before I accept your appointment)

$100 Post treatment touch up (within 6-12 weeks)

$150 Semi annual touch up (within 6-10 months)

$200-$250 Annual touch up (12-16 months)

Lip Blushing

Lip Blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can enhance the shape, color, outline and gives the impression of more fullness. It is also great for neutralizing/lightening darker lip tones and brightening pale lips. 

$400 Lip Blushing( Must not have previous work done. Please contact for corrections)

$100 6 week lip blush touch up

$175 6 month touch up

$250 Yearly touch up



Business Hours

Sunday: Closed 

Monday: 10:30 am- 3:00 pm

Tuesday: Closed 

Wednesday: 12:00 pm- 8:30 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am- 8:30 pm

Friday: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm 

Saturday: 9:00 am- 5:00 pm 

After hours availability accepted at an extra cost

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